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The Musical Chemistry and Relationship Between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are two of the biggest names in Latin music today. Both artists have been making waves with their unique styles and innova.. Read More

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Rosalia Reveals Why She Decided to Remix Despechá With Cardi B

I've always wanted to collaborate with  Cardi B on music. And she knows I appreciate her music, and she is always supportive of me too said Rosal.. Read More

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Rosalía has mayonnaise, avocado, and ginger root in her purse for this reason.

Rosala is the newest famous person to appear on the covers of Vogue's Spanish and Italian editions. The self-described Motomami conducted a length.. Read More

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Rosalia is Surprised Onstage by Rauw Alejandro, Who Joins Her for a Performance of 'despecha.'

Rosalia was surprised at her concert in Inglewood, California. The Spanish singer is currently on her Motomami Tour, during which she has visited Euro.. Read More

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