Top 10 States in The United States With The Best Rappers

Top 10 States in The United States With The Best Rappers

Rappers have been storming the music industry day in and day out. And looking up the stats, there's no telling when things will be any different seeing that it is one of the most loved music genres in the world. Indeed, with such consideration, accumulating a staggering revenue of $10 B a year, as of 2019 is solid proof of how much people love this professional rhyming of words and beats - that lift the soul in a way no other genre can compare.


This post contains a list of the top 10 states in the United States with the best rappers who have in turn contributed to marking these states on the map, and in the heart of the world as well. We might not get it all together; since there are more underground rappers from all over than we can count.


However, as an appreciation post to these states, enjoy the read!!

10. Louisiana

The state of Louisiana on the other hand is counted among the smallest in the United States of America. But, that doesn’t limit its contribution to the rap industry, especially for the fact that it stands as the home of some of the iconic and legendary rappers we had, and still have to date.

Some of the Popular Rappers from Louisiana Are;


Funfact: Louisiana is nicknamed the 'Pelican State' because of the high number of pelicans that used to inhabit the state.

9. Texas

Texas makes up the 2nd most populated state in the United States of America and it has several well-known celebrated rappers to show for it. H-Town, as sometimes called by natives, is claimed to house the best talents when it comes to rappers, and we couldn't argue more - especially for the fact that that opinion was coming from the natives.

Texas is well recognised for producing great rappers, from past and present. 

Some of the Popular Rappers from Texas Are;  


Funfact: The average rapper gets paid $69,170 according to

8. Florida

Florida is a special state in the United States of America for many things, some of which are notably the fact that it stands as the only state which shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Aside from this unique characteristic, we owe some of the good rap music we listen to in Florida to producing these talented artists to rock the rap industry as it is.

Some of the Popular Rappers from Florida Are; 


Funfact: Florida is nicknamed the 'Sunshine State' because it has a fair amount of white sand beach resorts coupled with the fact that you are only 60 miles from one of the nearest salt water.

7. Georgia

We got the state of Georgia which is the 8th most populous state in the United States of America. It is considered to be a developing country; it however, has played a major role in the rap industry since many world-celebrated rappers have their roots traced back to Georgia. Georgia is nicknamed the peach state and its biggest city is Atlanta.

Some of the Popular Rappers from Georgia Are; 


Funfact: The state flower of Georgia is Cherokee Rose. The history behind this act is interesting and you can check it out if you follow this link: Cherokee Rose

6. Pennsylvania

We are sure you'll find it quite surprising to know that there are so many rappers coming from Pennsylvania that are not vampires, pun intended!!

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has added to the rap industry in such a way that this list would be incomplete if we didn’t include it in it. And so, 

Some of the most Popular Rappers from Pennsylvania Are;


Funfact: Human beings are living in Pennsylvania, as it is not just made up of vampires. Also, it’s safe to take a walk at night in Pennsylvania. Believe us, Dracula doesn't bite!!


5. Illinois

Illinois is recognised to have one of the most populous cities in the USA – Chicago. This partially explains why it made this list. With that much population, it’s hard not to find many talents in one place. Chicago is also one of the most influential business centres in the USA. This means that musical items and products also fetch a fair amount of money contributing to making these rappers popular.

Some of the Popular Rappers from Illinois Are; 


Funfact: Chicago, a state in Illinois makes up 21% of the entire revenue generated in the sales of music albums in the United States of America.

4. Michigan

There are lots of rappers from the USA state of Michigan. Michigan shares bothers with lots of other states and that fact alone makes it possible to find lots of talents residing within the states. If you go looking for talents in Michigan, especially artistic talents, then you'll find more than you can carry.

Some of the Popular Rappers from Michigan Are;


Funfact: One of the top-ranked public universities in the United States of America is the University of Michigan. This fact alone proves why there are lots of talents in Michigan since lots of young talents would want to go to school in the best tertiary institutions.

3. Washington, D.C. 

Washington Dc is not a state, but rather the capital of the USA. With that being cleared, it is not supposed to be on this list; however, noting the fact that there are also a fair number of rappers that originate from there, it is fair to tag them as well in this list of top 10 states in USA with the best rappers.

Some of the Popular Rappers from Washington DC Are;


Funfact: Aside from being the home of the Whitehouse that is the presidential palace of the president of the USA and also the home state of the Supreme Court, Washington DC is home to performing arts venues such as the Kennedy Centre.

2. California

California is recognized for producing some of the greatest rappers back in the 80s, 90s, and even a couple in 2010. There’s a long list of rappers that were born and bred in Compton, a city in California. And most of them are doing well. Compton is known to take care of its own, and with California being considered one of the largest cities in the USA, it has all that is needed to make even an underground artist popular overnight.

Some of the Popular Rappers from California Are;


Funfact: Dr. Dre, a rapper from Compton, California, is worth $400 million. 

1. New York 

New York is known to be one of the iconic states in the United States of America. Aside from being the home of the iconic Statue of Liberty, New York also contributes to the rap industry by grooming a fair number of rappers. For the rap industry, the iconic state has made the headlines several times and one of the latest publications features 14 fire new york rappers you need to know.

Some of the Popular Rappers from New York Are;


Funfact: The New York State of the USA, is popular because of a city named New York City that is located within the state. Funny, right? The state also features the Empire state building and Times Square.


It’s quite a thrilling, experience of writing this article. It’s also great to acknowledge that most of these states did not entirely determine how successful these rappers became in the end. However, it’s also not fair to not address some of the accolades to these states, even if not for anything, for at least, helping these rappers build a successful career in the rap industry. Also, we just mentioned 5 of the rappers from these states. There’s truly a long list of rappers coming from every state mentioned in this article. We hope you enjoyed the read. Who is your favourite rapper?

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